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Subject: UK Not-For-Profit Organises Responsible Tourism Educational Youth Projects In Nigeria
May 19th 2010, London – West Africa Discovery, a UK based not-for-profit, in association with the Oyo state government of Nigeria, are organising a Responsible Tourism educational event for Nigerian Youth on the occasion of the Worldwide Responsible Tourism Day.

Tourism, without a doubt, plays a big part in the economy of the World. With 898 million tourists recorded worldwide in 2007 and a predicted 1.6 billion for 2020 making up 12% of the Worlds GDP, this industry has a lot of potential to generate benefits for countries looking to boost their economy if managed in a sustainable and responsible way.
The International Coalition for Responsible Tourism aims to promote the development of Responsible or Sustainable Tourism throughout the world in order to present a concept of tourism which involves local communities in order to create economic opportunities in the locality, but also to raise awareness towards the importance of the respect and conservation of the local natural, cultural and historical heritage.
This year, on June 2nd, the International Coalition for Responsible Tourism will inaugurate the 3rd Worldwide Responsible Tourism day basing this year’s event on the theme of ‘Rural heritage, an important factor for the development of the country through tourism’ looking at how the valorisation and preservation of the cultural, natural and historical heritage of rural communities through sustainable tourism projects can provide positive results for the development of a country as a whole.
On this occasion, West Africa Discovery, a UK based not-for-profit organisation, in association with ground based government bodies, NGOs and individuals are organising educational events for students in West Africa to raise awareness towards the concept of Responsible Tourism and the benefits it can have on their country if managed adequately.
In Nigeria, for five secondary schools (public, private and special needs), a field trip to the ‘Ancient Warlord Palaces of Ibadan’ “EFUNSETAN ANIWURA” has been organised. The one-day event will include a series of workshops, talks and debates about the concept of Responsible Tourism as well as a ‘tree planting session’ in order to raise awareness towards the importance of environmental respect and climate change prevention.
Thomas Armitt, the founder of West Africa Discovery explains: “we feel strongly that education is an important factor for the positive development of a country, and thanks to our partnership with the Oyo State Government, educational events on the Responsible Tourism concept could inspire the next generation of Oyo State to pave the way for the sustainable development of the whole of Nigeria through tourism”
The event is planned for the 25th May 2010 at Oluyole Private School in Oyo State. For more information, please email info@westafricadiscovery.co.uk.
Contact: Thomas Armitt
Email: Thomas@westafricadiscovery.co.uk

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